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(Collagen Induction Therapy)

Achieve Visible Results

The ultimate complexion booster with

proven transformative results.

Microneedling is performed using a handheld device to create hundreds of microscopicneedle impressions in the skin on the face or body.  As the treatment pen is passed over the face, it creates microinjuries and prompts the derma, a deeper layer of skin, to mount a healing response, delivering a natural collagen boost. The tiny channels in the skin made by the needles also allows for deeper absorptionof topical treatments after treatment.

Ideal for treating

- Fine lines & wrinkles

- Pigmentation & photoageing

- Acne & surgical scars

- Skin texture & tone

- Enlarged pores

- Stretch marks

How does it work?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses fine needles to make miniscule, evenly-spaced micro-injuries to the skin. This triggers the body’s wound healing process, stimulates healthy surrounding tissue to repair the damage, and brings the skin back to its healthiest looking state.

This repair process helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, sagging, and texture irregularities such as acne pitting or stretch marks.

Recent studies have proven that Microneedling is effective in targeting the melanocytes responsible for melanin overproduction, which means you can achieve brighter, more even-toned skin.

Microneedling is safe, virtually painless, and can benefit all skin types. 

Treatment Cost

All treatments include a Post Treatment Aftercare Kit

Face and Neck treatment - 50 minutes            £120.00

Face only - 40 minutes                                       £95.00

Neck only - 30 minutes                                       £70.00

Client Results

My client is aged 62, her main skincare concern was signs of ageing around the mouth, eye and brow area and uneven skin texture on her cheeks. The pictures below are before and after one treatment.  Facial lines are softened and skin texture more even, complexion is refreshed.  Deeper facial lines will be improved with further treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Microneedling might sound like it should be very painful but it reality most people only experience slight discomfort. The needles used in the procedure are very small and the wounds are extremely shallow, meaning you'll feel very little and the wounds heal quickly. It is this healing effect that gives your skin the vital collagen boost that causes the rejuvenatedskin and reduced imperfections.

Is there any down time?

Immediately after treatment there may be redness to the skin and it may feel tight, like mild sunburn, this generally subsides within 48hours. In very rare instances, there may be swelling or bruising. 

How many Microneedling treatments will I need?

For best results we recommend a short course of Microneedling treatments after which you will notice your skin looks brighter, firmer and younger. You might also want to consider an individual treatment which can be effective if you simply want to give your skin a boost before a special event!

I will advise you at your initial consultation how many treatments are likely to be needed to best achieve your desired results.

How quickly will I see results?

It depends on the condition being treated, however, for most skin concerns you will notice a difference after just one treatment. The benefits are often seen within the first three weeks, however, the treatment stimulates the skin rejuvenation process which continues maturing for several months.

Is it safe?

Yes, as a fully qualified, experienced facial aesthetician you are in safe hands. It is a very natural process, using your body’s own repair processes to achieve the desired results.

Is it permanent?

Yes, the collagen and elastin stimulated in this treatment continues to mature for up to two years after your treatment. However, your skin will continue to age with time and therefore it is important that you maintain treatments every 3-6 months to keep the skin healthy.


Prior to your Micro-needling treatment, please observe the following:

  • No Retinoid products or applications 3 days prior to your treatment.
  • No auto-immune therapies or products 24 hours prior to your treatment.
  • No prolonged sun exposure to the face 24 hours prior to your treatment. Treatment will not be administered on sunburned skin.
  • No tanning beds or self-tanning products for three days prior to the treatment.
  • None of the following can be used or performed two weeks prior to treatment: chemical peels, waxing, and chemical depilatories.
  • Microneedling cannot be performed while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are taking a blood thinner, aspirin or any other medication that can encourage you to bleed easily, please advise. If you are under a doctor's care for a medical condition and are on a prescribed high dose of blood thinners then you may need need to discontinue your medication for a few days before you can have the treatment, always ask your Doctor before stopping any medication and check with your doctor prior to each Micro-needling appointment.
  • If you are planning to receive Botox or Fillers, make sure that you give yourself at least 3 weeks after your botox injections before receiving your Micro-needling treatment. Micro-needling is always best prior to either of these treatments if it can be planned this way, if not please leave around 3 weeks.
  • If an active or extreme skin condition breakout occurs before treatment, please get in touch as we cannot perform Micro-needling on any active skin condition, so it may be necessary to reschedule.
  • On the day of the treatment, please keep your face clean and do not apply makeup.


Correct post treatment care is of the utmost importance.

  • Avoid the sun after microneedling
    Stay out of the sun for the first 48 hours as it is not advisable to apply sunscreen immediately post treatment. For the first 2 weeks after microneedling, Sunscreen should be worn everyday regardless,it is extra important to protect your healing skin from sun damage during the recovery process. Always use sun screen SPF30 or above.
  • Avoid active topical skin care products for 7 days after microneedling - Don’t use any products that have active ingredients such as retinol or alpha acids since these can irritate your skin even more. You should only use the aftercare kit you have been given today.
  • Do not use makeup after microneedling - It is vital that you let your skin breathe for 24 hours after the treatment. The skin channels are open, and applying makeup can penetrate the pores causing further irritation. You should wait 24 to 48 hours before using makeup, leaving enough time for the skin to recover.
  • Avoid intensive exercise that will make you sweat - Sweating will cause your pores to reopen, meaning that any bacteria will be able to enter the skin punctures. This can lead to a either a reaction or infection.This means you should skip the gym, and you also have a good excuse to avoid intensive house chores in the first 3 - 4 days!
  • Avoid long hot baths and showers after microneedling - Don’t take a bath for 1 day, and don’t go for long baths and showers during the first week of your recovery. Avoid spas and saunas.
  • Do not swim after microneedling.
  • Avoid waxing and other forms of hair removal such as depilatory creams for 7 days.
  • Avoid further clinical treatments after microneedling - These include but are not limited to microdermabrasion, laser, IPL, chemical peels and muscle stimulation.
  • Avoid spray tan (or self-tanning) after microneedling - do not apply spray tanning or fake tanning creams for 2 - 3 weeks after the treatment.
  • Avoid touching the treated area. Wash hands when applying the recommended aftercare product.