Quartz Spa Body Treatments

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Face, Back and Shoulder Ritual

A totally relaxing upper body experience. Microcirculation is boosted and lymphatic drainage is improved. A lovely treatment to ease tension, stress and to generally switch off.

45 minutes - £40.00

Aromatherapy Back Ritual

This incredibly intense, nourishing treatment combines a deeply cleansing scrub and massage to rebalance the stress of today’s hectic lifestyles. Designed to rebalance, tone and condition whilst massaging away aches and pains and postural imbalances of the back.

40 minutes - £48.00

Aromatherapy Massage Ritual

A full body massage treatment designed to rebalance, oxygenate, detoxify, hydrate and smooth the skin. Your chosen oil is warmed and massages into the body to restore joy, harmony, energy, hope and total happiness to the mind, body and spirit.

60 minutes - £55.00

Crystal Scrub Body Ritual

This all over aromatherapy scrub leaves your skin beautifully soft and you feeling beautiful inside and out. A lavish ritual that effectively removes sluggish energy and dead cells. The luxurious, mineral rich, vibrational scrub smooths, re-mineralises, hydrates and revitalises the skin.
This is the ultimate spa scrub, turning back the clock to leave the skin looking youthful, supple and smooth.              The powerful mix of oils, nourish, repair and leave skin glowing whilst the full body massage harmonises mind, body and soul.

60 minutes - £50.00

A holistic aromatherapy treatment range that is both effective and luxurious and tackles the stresses and strains of modern life. 

An incredible selection of three beautiful and powerful signature blends that harness the strength of essential oils giving you emotional harmony and blissful treatments.

Choose from three signature blends.

  • Energise (Invigorating and revitalizing) – Free the mind, detox and rebalance.
  • Hope (Bewitching and Luxurious) – Sharp, sweet and uplifting.
  • Happiness (Refreshing and Jubilant) – Opulent and euphoric.

During each treatment held in your palms are the rose quartz stones. One of the most energetic stones on the planet, amplifying and releasing energy.  

Also known as the Master Healer, Quartz channels energy improving emotional wellbeing; either stimulating and energising leaving you feeling happier, or calming and harmonising emotions for healing and rebalancing.

Each treatment begins with the 'Welcome Ritual' to restore inner peace. 

A heated couch, subtle lighting, soothing music and Quartz Spa candles harmonise the atmosphere for total relaxation, replenishing the mind and restoring balance and inner peace. 

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Qz Spa scrub
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